Fifty Words A Photograph


1. The smell of pollen is pungent and sweet in the air. She pats the earth in each pot with two fingers, it looks damp and rich. We talk but she is somewhere else, not with me. I try to imagine how i would feel if I never saw her again.



2. For the fourth time he props up the shelf with one hand and begins to drill with the other. The screw wobbles and falls to the ground. He gets down on his knees to retrieve it and locks eyes with the dog across the way, watching him. He feels inadequate.



3. It had been a long day of watching MASH reruns on TV. I put my stockings on in the morning and then never went out. My toes curled against the silky fabric, it was getting cold. Doug got home and asked how my day had been. “Good. busy” I lied.



4. “Mitch dug it up round the back when he was putting in the tap. We’re thinking it might be worth something. Mitch reckons it’s getting bigger. I told him that’s crazy talk. Ill tell you something odd, yesterday Milo barked at it for an hour straight. Couldn’t shut him up.”



5. Sometimes I think about my Nona, a single mother coming out from Haiti with five kids. It must have been tough, leaving everything to give them a better life. Now look at her, best garden award 2013. Family is everything hey, they except you for who you are, ya know?






Dir. Daniel Wolfe

Catch Me Daddy is the story of Laila, a fugitive from her father and the gangsters he has sent to bring her home. When we first meet Laila she is hiding out with her boyfriend in a caravan park in West Yorkshire. Eventually they are forced to flee across the moors and the film builds in intensity and aggression from there.

Wolfe has an ability to create worlds that feel grounded in a stark realism and yet possess a beauty that sits in contrast with the often violent subjects of his work. Coupled with cinematographer Robbie Ryan’s bold use of colour and low light shooting the film becomes an immersive experience. There is no doubt Wolfe has a keen eye for arresting visuals that has made him a big name in music videos however at times Catch Me Daddy felt indulgent in style at the expense of a stronger narrative. This is Wolfe’s first feature and I expect he will have much to offer in the future. Hopefully he can bring what he is trying to say to the same level as his style and aesthetics. Or maybe not and i will still be watching for those beautiful gritty images.

The glorious poster for Catch Me Daddy featuring a commissioned painting by Mu Pan.